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A Prayer For Divine Favor

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

JUNE 29, 2020 | Prayer by Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, NCNW National Chaplain and President of Skinner Leadership Institute

Loving God, robed in majesty, armed with strength, from everlasting to everlasting, I bow before you this day in a spirit of praise. Thank you for calling me to bear witness in my life and work to your incomparable power and awesome might that favors those who obey your commands.

I praise you today for all the times in my life that looked like defeat, devastation and disaster had the best of me. Those were the times when my health, my finances, and my family were severely threatened until you stepped in, and showered me with your divine favor and kindness. You set me high above my circumstances, made me the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, and when my enemies came at me one way you scattered them seven ways, for I follow your commands. Thank you for forgiving me when I fail, O Lord, and setting me on my feet again.

God, I am so grateful that the world cannot give or take away your divine favor over my life. The global pandemic daily destroys lives at levels that shatter the imagination. It is shutting down long-established businesses, prolonging human isolation, and throwing many hardworking Americans into Depression-era levels of unemployment, hunger, and poverty. In times like these, I cling to the solid rock of your divine protection, for everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—my faith. If it had not been for the Lord on my side, I would have perished a long time ago.

Because my heart is ever grateful that you look upon me with such kindness and favor, I am forever committed to standing in the gap and showing kindness to others who are struggling around me until you change their circumstances. In your mighty and powerful name, I pray,

Lord God, AMEN.

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