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A Prayer for Protection Against Unjust Leaders

Almighty, All-sufficient God, as the people called by your holy and righteous name, we humble our hearts, seek your face, and beg your mercy for our increasingly lawless nation overrun by ruthless, self-serving, and unjust leaders. Protect us, Lord God, against leaders shamelessly claiming your name but brazenly rejecting your mandate to love every neighbor, care for the vulnerable, and advance the common good. 

Your word reminds us, "When there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability." (Proverbs 28:2 NLT)


Protect us, O Lord, from leaders who take advantage of the poor and oppressed like a hard rain that destroys crops. They refuse to obey the law themselves while perverting justice and fair treatment of People of Color using the vilest, hate-filled language. They promote fear and not love for immigrants; you called us to welcome within a system that protects our land, made great by immigrants. They speak of peace in the Middle East. Yet, they fund Israel’s never-ending retribution against Hamas terrorists, reaping an unspeakable humanitarian disaster on innocent Palestinians that neither secures Israel’s safety nor Palestinian self-governance and security. 

Lest we become weary, O God, and filled with despair at these mounting injustices, remind us that you always preserve a righteous remnant among your people who obey your word, reject idolatry, and protect the vulnerable as a divine mandate from a loving God. Fill us with the sure knowledge that ruthless leaders are no match against fasting and praying people, calling down the power of an awesome God. Please help us to remember that you still rule over all the kingdoms of the earth, that you are mighty, and that no one can stand against you. In your precious name, we pray. Amen.

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