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Prayer for A New Beginning In America

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

January 21, 2021 | Prayer by Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner | NCNW National Chaplain and President of Skinner Leadership Institute

O Sovereign God, whom we worship and adore, you have made the heavens by your mighty hand and your outstretched arm, nothing is impossible for you. We, the people, called by your name, humbled ourselves, fasted, prayed, committed to turn from our wicked way, and cried out for you to heal our hurting land and people.

  • We cried out for the years of cruel and scandalous leadership indifferent to millions killed and thousands deceased from a nation-crippling pandemic, hitting hardest Black and Brown Americans.

  • We cried out for millions of ordinary, hard working Americans of every background, facing financial desperation, hunger, business failures, eviction, and despair.

  • We cried out over conservative evangelicals whose loyalty to an oppressive, despotic national leader seemed greater than their loyalty to Jesus.

  • We cried out for Black, Brown, Indigenous and Asian American communities' unaddressed wounds from systemic police brutality, racial hatred, and long disregarded economic and health inequities evident in disproportionate COVID sickness and deaths.

  • AND, we cried out against leaders pandering, embracing, and inciting white nationalists’ resentment of communities of color for merely existing, let alone thriving.

O God, of our weary year, in absolute anger, anguish, and agony, we cried out, “Lord, do something!” or our once proud nation will soon be a wasteland of massive oppression, uncivil wars, and shattered dreams.

Thank you Lord, for hearing petitions of those long denied full citizenship voting rights, who cast their ballot for change. Thank you, God, for uniting citizens of all races, who declared “we are better than this!” and turned the page toward an America where all lives may finally matter. And, thank you,

O righteous Creator. You “turned our mourning into dancing, and our sorrow into joy” for new national leaders of faith, character, and love for all your people to now guide us. We pray they will draw regularly on the godly wisdom you promised to give those who ask, in every decision they make. Help us all right now, to reach out past our comfort zones to those who do not look, vote, or even worship like us, and build bridges to a new America of peace with justice. In your mighty and magnificent name we pray, Lord Jesus, AMEN.

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