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Prayer for Healing, Help, and Hope During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

MARCH 27, 2020 | Nurturing the Spirit Prayer Call with National Council of Negro Women

With much of our nation now in quarantine help us to not let the physical distancing required to protect our health become human disconnection. Though we are required to be apart, help us to discover new ways, even virtual ways, to be together as a human community.   

We praise you today O Lord for our wonderful leader, Dr. Cole and Director, Janis Mathis the Sister to Sister bond of National Council of Negro Women that binds us all.  

Let not fear, O Lord, become our new way of life, for your word teaches that perfect love casts out fear. Let not self-care blind us from the need to care for the sickest and most vulnerable among us—the elderly, especially those in nursing homes, the poor, those in already crowded prisons, in the true spirit of Matthew 25. Let not ugly words, dear God, blame this virus on China and instigate more racist attacks that have broken out against Asian people.

God of all Comfort, we implore you to comfort the hundreds who mourn the loss of loved ones to COVID-19, and provide real help for the millions displaced by an historic closure of nearly all businesses.

Because Proverbs 21:1 reminds us that “the hearts of the ruler is in the hand of the Lord,” we call on you God to rule and reign in the hearts of congressional and executive branch leaders deliberating on measures to put money in the hands of Americans made more desperate by an enemy that would overwhelm the world's most vast armies.

We pray to you, O Lord, the Great Physician, for health care workers frantically pleading for essential medical supplies while their own lives are at risk. We pray for families mourning those lost through the virus; and those make desperate by the pandemic. We pray to You, O God, who promised to supply every need, for tests to be rapidly produced so those afflicted may be tested and provided care.

We pray to you, O Lord, Giver of every good great gifts, for the gift of governors and mayors stepping up and providing strong leadership and creative solutions to the health, wellness, and safety of those they lead. And for each of us overcome by fear, remind us that your perfect love in us drives out fear. Remind us to reflect on how we might use our time and new circumstances wisely, for you promised to give us wisdom liberally when we are confounded by life’s cares.

And now God we call on you to wrap your loving arms around us, with assurance that you will never leave or forsake us.

We will not fret during a frightful time, for You are...

The supply to our every need;

The answer to our every problems;

Above all else, You are... 

Our healer;

Our hope;

Our deliverer;

Our peace; and

Our loving God.

In Your Mighty Name We Pray.


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