Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner is a trusted advisor, public policy strategist, faith and community leader, author, lecturer, educator, executive coach, and mentor, and has made an indelible imprint in American public policy, government, diversity, and community relations. She is the CEO and co-founder of Skinner Leadership Institute and has a long history of building bridges and advancing the inclusion of people of all cultures in both the private and public sector. 

Advisor. Strategist. Coach. Author.

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“Barbara is a prophet to the churches showing us how racial and economic justice are core to the gospel.” 


— Rev. Jim Wallis, Sojourners


I Prayed, Now What? -Discussion Guide

Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner is one of the country's most influential leaders, shaping policy and the people who have created it for over 25 years in Washington D.C. The passion and power of her work comes from her faith in Jesus, but it wasn't always that way. 


What you will find in this book:

  • Praying Through Your Crises

  • Moving from a Prayer Time to a Prayer Life

  • Doubting God Is There for You

  • Praying for Your Enemies


I Prayed, Now What? is Dr. Williams-Skinner's incredible true story. It is filled with wisdom and courage, you will pray in a way that will transform your life.

I Prayed, Now What?

Hardcover $24.99

E-book $9.99

I Prayed, Now What? - Discussion Guide

Paperback $9.99

E-book $4.99

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Two events are occurring in the next few months providing an opportunity for people who profess a love for God to pray for their political enemies, and therefore following the greatest Biblical command to “love God and every neighbor as we love ourselves.” 

Praying for Your Enemies Empowers the Journey for Justice

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Transforming America from its deeply rooted systemic racial and gender inequality to the Beloved Community, where all of God’s children are valued, will take more than prayer alone. It will take persistent prayers “without ceasing,” combined with relentless, righteous resistance.

The Power of Prayer and Righteous Resistance

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The startling finding of the 2000 census that by 2060 there would be no majority race in America sent shock waves through the country, terrifying many white Americans. It also set in motion bold efforts to diminish the growing political power of African-American citizens. 

How the Church is Stepping Up in the 2018 Midterms


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